Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Expedition Everest

Expedition Everest is one of Marissa's favorite rides in the parks. Unfortunately, it is also one of the longest lines in the parks and one of the only rides Canyon isn't tall enough to go on.

I love this Pink Paislee line. So much color!

The layout and prayer flag (canvas banner) idea came from Susan Stringfellow, my scrapbooking idol!
Prayer Flags can be found strung all over this part of Animal Kingdom and on the mountain itself. They are inspired by Himalayan prayer flags that are said to send thought and prayers to the wind.
I cut rectangles out of pattered paper, inked the edges of them, then I used just a tiny bit of adhesive in the middle and stuck them on canvas. I cut out around them larger than I would need and frayed the ends, leaving more canvas on top to make room for the holes. Then I used the sewing machine and stitched around the edges. I used some paper to block of the canvas and stamped them using just the edges of some of my stamps. (Thinking back, I should have done this before I stitched them to the canvas!) I punched holes in the tops, strung them using some hemp and pop dotted them off the page.

These are some of the fast pass tickets from Expedition Everest. I found them in my bin of Disney memorabilia. They are actually from a different trip than the pictures. The date on them is December 2006 the pictures are from November 2009, but oh well, they worked!
Sorry the picture is blurry, but it is COLD outside and I really don't want to go out and take a new picture.

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