Saturday, November 21, 2009

Disney Pics

I am still exhausted from our trip. I just can't seem to get enough sleep. People don't get jet lag when there is only a 2 hour difference do they? :)
Anyway, I have big plans to do something crafty today. It's been awhile.

Here are a few Disney pics from this trip.

This one is from our Disney Visa rewards photo shoot. Nice to know I get something for the thousands in interest I have paid to them!

I always said that someday he would move mountains, but planets?

Canyon's battle with Darth Vader.
Mom and Marissa at Toy Story Mania.
This is such a cool ride. It is all 3D. There is a gun attached to your car, it has a string with a ball attached to it. When you pull it, it shoots various virtual items at a 3D screen. I was bound and determined to beat JT, who is nothing short of a master video game guy. I actually got a blister from the gun, and never did beat JT!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

10 Days

We are home from 10 days in Disney.

Here is a list of some of the things I have not had to do for 10 days

1. Wait in line at the school to drop off/pick up kids.
2. Taxi any kids to any practices!
3. Grocery Shop
4. Think about what I was going to make for dinner
5. Make dinner/lunch/breakfast/snacks.
6. Wash the dishes
7. Make the bed
8. Do the laundry (I did it once in Disney, but it hardly counts. I was able to use 5 washers at the same time, then 5 dryers.
9. Pay bills
10. Help kids with homework
11. Clean my house
12. Run errands

I'm sure I could think of lots more too add to this list, but now I am at home and must do some of them.

My husband says that Disney doesn't count as a vacation because it isn't relaxing. Obviously he doesn't do any of the above.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Disney Shirts

Does posting twice in one day make up for not posting for a couple weeks?

I had so much fun making Disney shirts for my kids. I got a little carried away and didn't stop until I used the entire pack of transfers.

How cool is this with the Star Wars characters inside the text.

The back was my own idea. My husband couldn't believe I came up with this on my own.

Donald is his favorite. Sorry it is blurry.

I told him I was going to make him a "Jedi Canyon" shirt, he said "No, Darth Canyon!"

She just loves having her picture taken!

These next 2 I did for my nieces B-day party. She loves Twilight. I did Marissa and Lacey in two different graphics.

Most of these designs came from the talented "disigners" on The Dis Boards. They made them for me free of charge, if you can believe that! I just downloaded them, printed on a iron-on sheet and stuck them on! Check out their other "disigns". They are amazing!

Grandma's shirt

Hey Everybody! Yes, I'm still here.

I know I haven't been updating my blog like I should. Sorry about that. I haven't really done anything scrappy either. A few small projects here and there, but nothing really worth posting.

I did want to post this picture of the shirt I made for my mom.

We are heading to Disney later this month, and I decided to make shirts for everyone. I will post more of them later. I tried to take pictures of them this morning, but I think I need shots of the kids modelling them! :)