Saturday, February 28, 2009

Alcohol Ink Altered Calendar

I am still in the middle of getting my room organized and put back together. I haven't done anything scrappy and don't expected to get a chance for at least a few more days. I thought that I would post the altered glass calendar that I now have hanging in my scraproom. These are so cool and it was lots of fun to do.

My room is coming along nicely. I got up some racks last night and hopefully will get the shelves in the closet tonight. My husband doesn't feel the urgent need to get it finished that I do. That huge pile of stuff is threatening to smother me.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

So far...

It seems like as soon as I pulled all my stuff out of the room I had no time to organize it and put it back. All of a sudden my calendar was full and all this stuff all over my house is threatening to smother me.

Those cubes take forever to put together. I now have 15 of them and I am wondering if I need to add another set and extend that counter. I am also wondering if I should put those cubes in stacks of 3 and make that counter taller. The problem is, it isn't counter height it is substantially taller. That would be ok for using the cutters but I'm not sure if it will work for anything else. I've never tried to sew standing up, I have enough trouble sitting down. It will also make the counter level with the windowsill and I am not sure that is a good idea either. What do ya think?

Monday, February 23, 2009

A Complete Disaster

All of this came out of my scrapbook room. How did I get it all in there you may ask. I do not know how I got it all in there. My room isn't much more than a glorified closet.
I took everything out so I can paint it and set up some organization in there. I have been meaning to do this for months. I haven't been able to find anything and I've been buying multiples of things lately, so it was way past time. I can't believe I had this much crap in my room. No wonder I couldn't find anything.

Below are some pictures of my room empty. I am not much of an organizer, so if you have any ideas I will gladly take them.
This is the view walking in from the door. There is a stairway to the garage directly to the left and then a small closet, then a large niche. To the right, there is a closet and a door to outside.
I have purchased multiple white Target cubes and some wide shelving to make a long counter under this window. I will support the counter with the cubes and push some of the mobile carts I have underneath. I will put my clip it up, die-cutting machines, and maybe more cubes on top of the counter. I think I will still have to use the table outside the room to scrap.

This is the view from the corner of the room, by the windows back out the door.

This is the niche. Unfortunately I can't put anything permanent here as there are plans to move the freezer back here. I bought some utensil hangers from ikea and hooks that I plan on putting back here to hang embellishments on.

From the niche to the outside door.

The large closet, I may put shelves in here. I have two other large coat closets at the entry. You would think that would be enough coat closets.

Small closet. Guess I didn't get everything cleaned out!

Weird closet on the stairway to the garage. It reminds me of the closet on the 6th Sense that had a ghost in it. That part of the movie still scares me to think about. Yikes. Not sure what to do with this one. It currently has wrapping paper, bags, and misc stored in it.

Why, you ask, am I turning this little tiny room into a scrapping room. It is the only place I have. I absolutely must have a guest room, and I am a slob, so the spare bedroom is out. I wish we had another bedroom, but instead of bedrooms, the builder of our house decided that living rooms were the way to go. I have 4 living rooms. I can't use one of them because of the open, post and beam, floor plan of the house. There are no walls and I couldn't hide it. The only rooms with walls in this house are bedrooms, bathrooms, and this little scrapbooking "room". Even one of the bathrooms is open to the bedroom!!!
I appreciate any ideas!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

China Pavillion

Told ya I had plans for this paper.
I have more pictures of China in Epcot, so I plan on making a second page. I don't know when I will get to that second page, so I decided to post this one now.
I am pretty happy with this layout, and I thought that the toothpicks were a brilliant idea on my part :D But it is missing something up on the top corner. I put a rub on there, it helped, but it still needs something. I think this could be a really great layout if I could figure out what to do on the top. Any ideas?

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

ME planner

Another project from the Piggy Tales Academy January kit. I am in a hurry to get all the projects with the kit done so I can use the leftover paper. It is the perfect paper to do a layout of the China Pavillion at Epcot.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Party Set

I made this little party set with the Piggy Tales Academy January kit. The papers and ribbons are The Ballad of Mulan.
Doesn't Marissa look cute? She hates it when I make her pose for me!!! :D

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Kiss Mask

All the 6th graders at Marissa's school made masks and brought them home to decorate. They could decorate them any way they wanted to reflect their personality. How many 6th grade girls do you know that would make Gene Simmons? I think it is hilarious!

She loves to play Detroit Rock City on Guitar Hero/Rockband (whichever it is). Kiss was actually here this summer and she begged me to go. I don't think she is ready for a serious rock concert. She's too young, I'm too old.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Teacher Valentine Treats

I made these valentine treats for my children's teachers. Marissa has 3 core teachers and Canyon goes to Montessori preschool, so he has 5 teachers.
They are super cute. I got the idea from a class at The Playground. The brown/pink ones are made from Basic Grey Bittersweet. The pink/green ones are the Bo Bunny valentines line. The stamps are Close to My Heart. The Hershey bar pulls out of the paper holder and the ribbon stays attached. Hard to explain, but so cool.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Valentines and Valentine Box

Canyon's valentine box for school turned out super cute. We painted a shoebox white, then he painted pink and red wherever he wanted. I found these cute little foam bug stickers and let him go to town.

It wasn't my original idea for a valentine box, but I'm glad I let him do it himself. He loves it.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

A scraplift, a championship and a mouse

This is a scraplift of the Bo-Bunny advertisment for this paper. Usually when I scraplift something I end up changing it quite a bit, but I changed very little on this layout. I used basically the same papers and everything. I feel a little guilty, but in 10 years only I will know that it wasn't mine :)

Marissa's basketball team, the Westside Bombers won the division 2 tri-state tournament in Sioux Falls last weekend, and the Sturgis Scooptown tournament the weekend before. They are such a great bunch of girls, she is lucky to have them as friends and team mates.

A layout of Disneyworld 2002. Yeah, I'm a little behind. We've only been there 4 times since then! This is also one of the few layouts with me in the picture, and the only one with just me.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009


This was taken our second night in Mexico. I was so sick. I came down to sit with everyone while they ate, even though I just wanted to curl up into a ball and lay in bed. Luckily it didn't even last 24 hours.
The people on the sides in costume were dancers at our hotel, the El Cozumeleno. The guy was smokin' hot, even though he doesn't look it in the picture with the stupid hat on.
How cute are these fancy pants buttons? I love printed buttons!