Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Christmas CrAZy

Wow! It has been crazy around here. I am a procrastinator, and once again I procrastinated too long. It is the day before Christmas Eve and I still have tons of shopping to do! Christmas Eve is at my house and I haven't even planned what we are going to eat, let alone got anything else ready!
Canyon is so excited! I love it! He seems to be the perfect age and is enjoying everything Christmas. The Christmas movies enchant him, he is walking around the house singing Christmas songs, so cute!!
Yesterday Marissa was "watching" Canyon while I went Christmas shopping. She called me all in a panic. She was on the computer and Canyon removed the tags from about 15 gifts, stuck new tags on them and wrote his name on them. I had to unwrap some of them to figure out who they belonged to. I guess we need to have a little conversation about the joy of giving!!

I leave you with a photo of Marissa and Spiderman decorating our Gingerbread house this year.
Merry Christmas!!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

We Whisk You A Merry Kiss*mas

I made 6 of these for my kids teachers last night.
The original idea came from this one on Two Peas. I wish I could figure out how to get my pictures to come out that great!

I added a peanut butter cookie mix to mine. The mix is inside the little holder and I just stuck the end of the whisk in the pocket.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Let it snow Gypsy card

My first Gypsy creation!

I made this cute little card on my Gypsy. Here's how; First I chose a blank card base from the Wild Card cart, then I added a square with rounded corners from Accent Essentials. I squished the square into a rectangle with the same proportions as the front of the card. I got the little snowman off the Snow Friends cart. I made him just the right size to squeeze into the rectangle with just his foot and the top of his head touching. I then welded them together. I took that group and welded it to the card base. Walla! Snowman Card.
I cut the snowman again in white to go over the top, then I glitter embossed him.
Let it snow came from the Winter Woodland Cart. I cut it out of glitter cardstock, then used a Liquid Applique pen on him. I sprinkled a little glitter on it and puffed it up with my heat gun to make it look like snow.
The snowflake on the inside of the card is from the Its Cold Outside mini cart. I used a bunch of stickles on it.
There are also gliter snowflakes embossed all around the outside of the card.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Glistening Greeting Cards

Oooh it is so cold here today! Low single digits all day!
And it is a little slippery. I am always extra concerned about slippery, I live near the top of a very long steep hill. I took Canyon to preschool around noon. As I was slowly creeping down the hill a man waved me to the side. He told me to go very slow because there was an accident just around the next corner. Sure enough, there it was, a truck had slid off the road, took out a power pole and hit a house. Wow! When I got further down the street light was out. I though uh oh! No power! I didn't head home until about 3:30 this afternoon, we have power, but it had been out. Now I can't get the stupid volume on the speaker system to work. Sheesh! JT is gone, and I am going to be stuck at home with the kids all night and tomorrow with no TV!
I know, I know, the poor guy in the truck, and me whining about TV!

I guess we will have a craft night. I need to work on my December Daily and the kids are always happy to cut and glue for a little while. Well, at least Canyon is.

Back to the Glistening Greeting Cards...Here are some cards I made with the Cricut Winter Woodland cartridge. Lovin' it!

I glitter embossed the heck out of them!
On this one I completely embossed the dear, and there are snowflakes all around on the red that are embossed.
Thanks Cathy and Lori for loaning me some glitter embossing after mine went down the toilet!

This one has lots of glitter embossing too. How cute are those mittens?

I have one more glittery card to post. I didn't get a picture taken of it today so I will post it later on.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Let It Snow

Canyon and I made these cute snowflakes the other day. We used my new cricut cartridge, Let It Snow. It makes these 3-dimensional snowflakes. Neat.

Anyway, Canyon had fun and I got my December Daily picture. I decided to do the December Daily at the last minute and I am struggling with it. I can't decide if I want all the pictures to be Holiday related, or not. We don't do something holiday everyday!

Canyon glitter embossed the snowflakes, he loved it. This was after he flushed the first container of glitter embossing down the toilet.
I gave him a toothbrush and a bowl of soapy water and had him scrub some of the baseboards in the kitchen. I think that was well worth $6!

Hanging from my dining room chandelier.

Please ignore the mess, and those unbelievably ugly curtains that I have been meaning to replace for years!

I have been working on some cards with the new Bo-Bunny line and my Cricut. I will get them posted soon.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Advent Calendar

Finally, something scrappy!!

I saw one of these advent calendars on Two Peas and I just had to try to make one.
I made it entirely from my stash, the only things I bought for this project were the muffin tin and some magnet.
My mom bought Canyon a Lego advent calendar when we were in Disney World, Marissa wanted a charm bracelet instead. Even though it was her choice, I knew she would wish she had an advent calendar every day when Canyon was opening his, so I had to make her one.
Now I just have to fill it. The milk chocolate coins fit perfectly inside. I think I might stash some dollars in there too.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Disney Pics

I am still exhausted from our trip. I just can't seem to get enough sleep. People don't get jet lag when there is only a 2 hour difference do they? :)
Anyway, I have big plans to do something crafty today. It's been awhile.

Here are a few Disney pics from this trip.

This one is from our Disney Visa rewards photo shoot. Nice to know I get something for the thousands in interest I have paid to them!

I always said that someday he would move mountains, but planets?

Canyon's battle with Darth Vader.
Mom and Marissa at Toy Story Mania.
This is such a cool ride. It is all 3D. There is a gun attached to your car, it has a string with a ball attached to it. When you pull it, it shoots various virtual items at a 3D screen. I was bound and determined to beat JT, who is nothing short of a master video game guy. I actually got a blister from the gun, and never did beat JT!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

10 Days

We are home from 10 days in Disney.

Here is a list of some of the things I have not had to do for 10 days

1. Wait in line at the school to drop off/pick up kids.
2. Taxi any kids to any practices!
3. Grocery Shop
4. Think about what I was going to make for dinner
5. Make dinner/lunch/breakfast/snacks.
6. Wash the dishes
7. Make the bed
8. Do the laundry (I did it once in Disney, but it hardly counts. I was able to use 5 washers at the same time, then 5 dryers.
9. Pay bills
10. Help kids with homework
11. Clean my house
12. Run errands

I'm sure I could think of lots more too add to this list, but now I am at home and must do some of them.

My husband says that Disney doesn't count as a vacation because it isn't relaxing. Obviously he doesn't do any of the above.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Disney Shirts

Does posting twice in one day make up for not posting for a couple weeks?

I had so much fun making Disney shirts for my kids. I got a little carried away and didn't stop until I used the entire pack of transfers.

How cool is this with the Star Wars characters inside the text.

The back was my own idea. My husband couldn't believe I came up with this on my own.

Donald is his favorite. Sorry it is blurry.

I told him I was going to make him a "Jedi Canyon" shirt, he said "No, Darth Canyon!"

She just loves having her picture taken!

These next 2 I did for my nieces B-day party. She loves Twilight. I did Marissa and Lacey in two different graphics.

Most of these designs came from the talented "disigners" on The Dis Boards. They made them for me free of charge, if you can believe that! I just downloaded them, printed on a iron-on sheet and stuck them on! Check out their other "disigns". They are amazing!

Grandma's shirt

Hey Everybody! Yes, I'm still here.

I know I haven't been updating my blog like I should. Sorry about that. I haven't really done anything scrappy either. A few small projects here and there, but nothing really worth posting.

I did want to post this picture of the shirt I made for my mom.

We are heading to Disney later this month, and I decided to make shirts for everyone. I will post more of them later. I tried to take pictures of them this morning, but I think I need shots of the kids modelling them! :)

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Top Ten

Woo hoo! My Pumpkin Patch layout is currently in the top ten votes on Two Peas In a Bucket!
It's cool that someone other than me thinks it is a good layout! :)

Thursday, October 15, 2009


Finally, some sunshine. It still isn't a whole lot of sunshine, but I was able to take a halfway decent picture. Whatever happend to fall?

Canyon got some vampire teeth from a candy treat at Walgreens last week. He thinks they are just the coolest thing. I got these pics of him demonstrating how scary he can look. I have one additional picture that I didn't use with a really scary face. I might do another layout with just that pic, not sure yet.

This is some more of the Pink Paislee Twilight line. Great paper, so much fun to use.

I love the tree. I'm not so fond of the gravestones below the tree, so I just cut them off.

I cut the tree out of the white line paper, moved the paper over, then stuck the tree back down to cover up part of the hole I made.

I also used some Tim Holz Rock Candy Stickles on the tree. Cool stuff.

The little trees and bats on the orange paper are from the matching stamp set. I just inked the stamp with a marker, that way I could leave off the headstones and the border that I didn't like. I also used the Rock Candy on these trees.
The green photo mats were cut from the original center of the scalloped paper. With Canyon's blue shirt I thought that too much green would clash, so I cut out the center, replaced it with some of the white line paper and used the green for mats.

The Beware die cut also has Rock Candy Stickles on it.

Thanks for stopping by. I still have a sick kid, maybe I will get something else done today.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Today at our house

I actually finished a layout yesterday. It has been to dreary to get a good picture. Hopefully the sun will come out so I can take a picture and post it.
I had tons of relatives in town this weekend. I only saw a few of them and only for a few minutes. Marissa was sick. She had a fever, cough and very sore throat. Good thing it was a long weekend. She went to school today, (yes it has been more than 24 hours since she had a fever). She absolutely had to go to volleyball practice today or she would have to miss her game tomorrow. Makes me laugh how important sports are to her. She doesn't get that from me.

This morning, Canyon is sick. Another day at home for me. I don't know if they have h1 or something else. I kinda hope it is h1N1 so I don't have to worry about them getting it when we are on vacation.

I am getting a lot of stuff done around the house since I am stuck at home. I cleaned out the laundry room and JT's closet. I acquired a huge stack of clothes to take to the mission. We keep so much crap! I have to make myself get rid of stuff, and this isn't even my stuff. My closets are another story entirely. JT made the comment that I needed to get rid of some of my shoes that I never wear. Poor guy got a PMS earful about how even though I don't wear them all the time I still need them!

Hopefully no one else gets sick and the sun comes out!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Cricut Jukebox for sale!!

Anyone local to Rapid City looking for a Cricut Jukebox. I will sell mine for $30. It is new, hasn't even been taken out of the box. Send me an email, or you can probably find me at Altered Art & Scrap Playground in the early afternoons during the week. :)

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Discover the Great Outdoors

Wow! It's been over a week since I posted anything. I was doing so well.
I am in the midst of planning a Disney World vacation and honestly, I can't think of much else. I know it is pathetic. My husband told me so for the 100th time last night when I was rearranging out dining reservations yet again. Then he told me again this morning when I asked him to trace our route from one plane to the next at the Denver airport to make sure we could make our connection with only a 40 minute layover (the flight he was on this morning is the same time as our outgoing flight next month). Then, he told me again when I called him at 8:05 because he didn't call me and that is when our connection would be leaving. And, once again when I freaked out because he was just getting off the first plane because it had been delayed for de-icing. So go ahead, tell me....

So... this is still one of the layouts I did at the Scrappin' ladies retreat. I will, eventually, scrap again! :)
I love this picture of Canyon at the lake, and I love the Cosmo Mr. Campy line.
Sorry some of the pics are blurry, I was trying to keep my page out of the snow! Yes, snow!

Monday, September 28, 2009

i love your face

This is the absolute cutest line. Monsters!

To get Canyon to "play nice" for the camera we always have to have a couple of silly shots thrown in as well. He is such a silly boy.

Paper whimsie cards. So, so cute!

This is 1/2 of a stamp from the Daisy Bucket monster line. I also bought all the papers and stamps from the Halloween Monsters line at the Playground last week. hmmmm maybe I have a problem..

Monster line up... haha.

Thursday, September 24, 2009


This picture was taken at the Mall of America this summer. The rest of us love roller coasters so I was really hoping Canyon would too. This is the roller coaster that goes all around the MOA amusement park. It isn't intense, but it is not a little kiddie coaster either.

I used my Cricut to cut out the title. I cut out Fearless from the graphically speaking cartridge twice, once blue, once orange. Then I stitched on the orange and popped it up over the blue. After that I inked the whole thing with some orange Cat's Eye and brushed some paint over the top. I love my Cricut. I never could have done a title like this without it. Graphically speaking is probably my favorite cartridge. I love all the cool sayings and graphic elements in it. I can't wait to get a Gypsy!

Be sure to check out the latest Cricut Promotion, The Great Gypsy Escape! Purchase one of 4 new Cricut catridges for a chance to win a new Gyspy (handheld design studio for Cricut), $2,000 travel vouchers and even a $30,000 trip to one of 5 fabulous locations!

This arrow is also from the Graphically Speaking cart. I just cut off the end and added some paint.

The ticket diecuts from My Mind's Eye are the greatest. I should have bought tons of them I could add a ticket to almost anything!