Friday, August 1, 2008

Tennis Anyone?

We did it, 2 weeks of tennis lessons. Marissa had tennis everyday, Canyon 3 times a week.

Marissa, being Miss Athletic, did very well. It is kinda cool that she picks up things so well, especially considering how clumsy and uncoordinated I am.

Canyon did much better than I expected. He did quite well with instruction and he didn't hit anyone (on purpose) with a ball or the racket. On the first day of lessons he got one of the instructors fingers, and really smacked one of the balls which got another instructor in the eye, but they were both accidents. Today, he was a challenge, whacking balls everywhere, running around the court, tennis racket sword fighting. When I left the courts I mentioned to one of the other mom's that I thought Canyon had one tennis lesson too many. She just laughed, which told me she agreed.

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