Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Finishing up some layouts

These are a couple layouts I was working on at Michelle Chikos' retreat in April. I didn't get them finished there. I stuck them in a drawer when I got home and kind of forgot about them.

I haven't been feeling very inspired lately, what with all the sorting and pricing and sorting and pricing and sorting and pricing for our garage sale. Today it is rainy and cold outside. Yesterday and the day before I did all the shopping I could afford, so today I decided maybe I could finish up these layouts.

I also have the Disney bug again. We can't afford it right now, so maybe doing some layouts will help "satisfy the beast". HaHa

I love how this one turned out. Papers are Cosmo, stickers are EK.

I finally used some papers out of all those scrap supplies I bought in Disney World.

Marissa loved getting autographs this trip. I've been scanning them and printing them out on misc papers for my layouts.

I was running out of space in my finished layout boxes and decided to put all my Disney layouts in an album. It seems silly to me because I know as I finish more I am going to want to move them around, probably using several albums, but I needed to put them somewhere. I don't typically create layouts for an album. For me it is about the art. So I have several odd size layouts, some very dimensional embellishments, some elements that hang off the edges of the pages, and some interactive embellishments. I hear alot of "How are you going to get that in an album?". They are all in there. Some of them required some creative cutting on the page protectors, and some of them have some serious dimension, but they're in an album. So...Ha!

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Lori said...

I love your Disney layouts. Like you, I put my finished layouts in a box. I need to get them in albums, but I guess I don't scrap to put layouts in albums--I do it because I enjoy the process. Weird, I know, but I guess I'm in good company, right? LOL!