Sunday, February 28, 2010

Magic Memories

Another day....another scraplift.
I seem to have misplaced all my original ideas ;)

Here is the original by the incredibly talented Lisa Day.

Sorry about the picture, it is foggy here. I know, I can't blame the crooked on foggy, but it's cold too and I was outside....with no shoes...

Scooter's Vacation again. Great line! This paper is going a long way. I only bought 4 sheets of it, I did 2 layouts and I have 2 sheets left!

The Smooch Spritz is still cooperating with me. I love this stuff. I need a little control when I am misting or spritzing something and the Smooch gives it to me.

Did you see my star punch again? It's my favorite (obviously). I lined it with some of the stripe paper so that it would stand out.

The stitching got away from me on the ears. I wish you could see the circle for the head that I covered up....perfectly round (hehe).

Thank you Lisa for the brilliant layout idea!

I am supposed to be packing my stuff for a retreat weekend coming up, but whenever I start packing I get the urge to scrap. Unfortunately I never really get anything packed until the last minute. I am going to try today, maybe I will come up with a layout that isn't a scraplift?!

Thanks for looking!


Cathy said...

cute!!!! love it!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Tessa, That is SO STINKIN' CUTE!
I love it.
I love your take on the sketch.
And the EARS.. love them.

Packing for a retreat? What is that? (something I haven't even contemplated yet!)

thestormyone said...

oh my how rockin is this. love love love it! by the way you only get enough space in the car for on suitcase........

Jennifer Moore said...

Awesome layout.