Friday, October 31, 2008

Caped Crusader Spotted!

I love to buy Halloween paper and stickers, but I never have enough Halloween pictures to use all the paper I buy. This year I decided that I am taking lots of pictures.
I was going to just take pictures outside our house, but then I thought "Batman doesn't live in the woods, he lives in the city." So I told Canyon we were going to fight crime and I took the kids in their costumes downtown to Art Alley to take these pictures.
They turned out pretty cute. I gave the first one a red tint to give it the Batman look. The cool staircase is in the alley behind The Playground.
Marissa wasn't very happy about being downtown in her costume, but she is a trooper and did it anyway.


Kawi said...

Wow i love batman!

Danielle said...

These photos are so much fun!!