Monday, October 27, 2008

Halloween Stuff

I made a pumpkin pie...from a real pumpkin!

Actually I made two pies. I had enough batter (is it called batter?) leftover to make a second pie.

We went to get pumpkins last weekend. There was a stand there with pumpkins that didn't have stems. They were calling them pie pumpkins. When I told Canyon those pumpkins were for pies he decided then and there that we were making a pie.

I have never made a pie before, let alone one from scratch. The only mishap we had was Canyon trying to be helpful. The recipe calls for a can and a half of evaporated milk. I poured in a can and a half, then left the other half on the counter. Canyon went ahead and poured it in. I added another egg, hoping to counteract it. It seemed to work just fine. What do you know....maybe there is hope for me yet.

I found a recipe here I also used one of the recipes to roast our seeds from this site.

The kids had fun carving their pumpkins. We didn't do any of the fancy shmancy patterns this year. I bought a Disney pattern book, but we decided on a traditional jack-o-lantern. Canyon's drawings are finally starting to look like faces, so he drew a face and JT copied it on the pumpkin. Marissa carved her nickname into hers. They turned out pretty cute.

Marissa and I made these cute little Halloween treats for her friends at school. I saw Cathy from The Playground making them at the Scrappin Ladies Retreat and I stole the idea. They are just clear pillow boxes with some Imaginisce rub-ons and Halloween M&M's.

Happy Halloween Everyone!!

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