Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Storybook Christmas

We went to Storybook Island Saturday night during the Parade of Lights downtown. How brilliant of me to think of this!! :) We had the place to ourselves, and Santa to ourselves.

Canyon was super excited to go. I should have explained earlier that you couldn't play on any of the displays, that it was just for looking. He was upset for a minute or two, then the dazzle of the lights took over and he didn't care.

Canyon, Marissa, and cousins in front of the 3rd little pigs house

The kids got to ride on the little train through the park also. Marissa is technically 3 years older than the max age for the train ride, but she squeezed her long skinny legs in the car and off they went. Then huge red cookies and warn hot cocoa after the train ride.

Santa was waiting at the entrance to the gift shop. Canyon had absolutely no issues with Santa this year. He has already informed us that Santa is making him a Spike the Dinosaur in his workshop.

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Cathy said...

That was brilliant! Great idea, I bet it was super cold though! Love the Glitter Cuts, great layout!