Thursday, July 9, 2009


Ok, so we aren't exactly the age group that the books were written for. HeHe. A group of us obsessed Twilight readers created layouts to be displayed at The Playground.
Seriously, I love the book series. I read it twice and wish there were more.

Here is my layout. The layout idea with the torn paper and the laced look came from the blog of the amazingly talented Gabrielle Pollacco. When I saw her original layout it just screamed Twilight at me! :)
After I took the picture I added some red bling to the dots on the i's and below the quote on the journaling circle. I think the bling added alot to the layout, but I can't retake the picture because I already dropped the layout off at The Playground. If you are local make sure you make a stop at The Playground and check out the rest of the Twilight layouts. They are all so unbelievably different, and all great!

I found this quote which kind of mirrors the way that I felt about the book series. When I went to print on the circle the paper moved, so it isn't centered the way I wanted, but I only had one shot.
Great idea on the stitching by Gabriella. On my layout I tried to make it look more like vampire wear. :D

It took me forever to find the right font. There are many sites out there that say they have the Twilight font, believe me, I downloaded most of them. I will try to find the site where I downloaded the correct one and add a link to it. The font itself is called Twilight. I printed it mirror image on the back of this silver paper I got at The Playground then cut it out by hand. What a pain!

I feel like such a nerd posting a layout about my obsession with a book series geared for a high school girl. My husband also informed me that I was a nerd. But at least I am in good company. hehe.

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