Saturday, November 21, 2009

Disney Pics

I am still exhausted from our trip. I just can't seem to get enough sleep. People don't get jet lag when there is only a 2 hour difference do they? :)
Anyway, I have big plans to do something crafty today. It's been awhile.

Here are a few Disney pics from this trip.

This one is from our Disney Visa rewards photo shoot. Nice to know I get something for the thousands in interest I have paid to them!

I always said that someday he would move mountains, but planets?

Canyon's battle with Darth Vader.
Mom and Marissa at Toy Story Mania.
This is such a cool ride. It is all 3D. There is a gun attached to your car, it has a string with a ball attached to it. When you pull it, it shoots various virtual items at a 3D screen. I was bound and determined to beat JT, who is nothing short of a master video game guy. I actually got a blister from the gun, and never did beat JT!

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