Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Always Blowing Kisses

I must have totally lucked out with that first layout scanning and stitching, I couldn't get this one to do it either. I keep getting a line on his face. Oh well, I guess my dream of not having to take pictures of layouts is over. There is no way I am buying a 12x12 scanner, I can't imagine where I would put it. I just got a wide format printer for Christmas and the thing is ginormous! I swear, it's almost as big as my 5 year old.

Have you noticed that most of my recent layouts are using pictures from this same photoshoot? Sorry about that. I paid a small fortune for this set of pictures, then I went ahead and bought the CD also, so I NEED to use them. When I went into the studio I complained that last time I didn't get hardly any poses, so they took as many as the photosession would allow. I don't remember exactly how many that was, but I believe it was like 54 or something. I had to reach a certain (large) dollar amount to get the CD really cheap, so I basically got 2 5x7s of every pose, and what I didn't get is on the CD. Lots of pics to scrap! In this pic he was blowing a kiss. I know, its hard to tell because the photographer missed the kiss and his hand is way at the bottom, but that is what he was doing.

This layout is a scraplift of an Elizabeth Kartchner layout from Creating Keepsakes, September 2008 called This Little Piggy. I lifted the diamond idea and the placement of them from her. The Cosmo Cricket Earth Love is an awesome paper. Cosmo is one of my very favorite lines. Cathy at The Playground special ordered this collection pack for me. If you find something you love give her a call, alot of times she can get it.


Cathy said...

Love this! I have a packet stashed away for that special project! I looooooovee Cosmo!

Anonymous said...

very cute as usual!