Sunday, January 31, 2010

Whispering Canyon Cafe

I know it is nothing spectacular, but it is done. I am so far behind on my Disney scrapbooking I should probably just give up, and wait for the next trip. I am an admitted Disney fanatic and I want these layouts to be perfect, so instead of fretting over them not being perfect I just don't work on them! I need to get over it! I think this layout is a step in the right direction.

Papers and embellishments are Cosmo Cricket Nutmeg, rub ons are MMBI.
Check out the journaling at the bottom. Loving my new wide format printer. I actually printed on the layout after it was finished and all glued down! I hardly ever journal, so maybe this will be a new thing for me too! (doubt it)

Journaling says: Whispering Canyon Cafe we go. Well, over Bay Lake and thru the woods anyway. This was the first time that we had been to the Wilderness Lodge. It is beautiful.
The kids loved the cafe. Our waitress was wonderfully rude. She threw our napkins at us, hollered at us, called us names, it was great. She also scolded JT for drinking some of Canyon's shake. He started pushing his shake over by JT when she walked by, then finally just told her that JT was drinking it. She yelled across the restaurant, "See this guy over here? He keeps drinking his kids shake!" Canyon loved every second. Then she brought JT out a giant jar of coke and told him since he was so thirsty he could drink that. Between all of us, we almost finished the coke. When the waitress noticed she announced to the rest of the diners that he finished his coke and if anyone sees him running toward a bathroom to get out of his way! Whispering Canyon Cafe is sure to be a regular stop for the Iszlers when we are in Disney World.


thestormyone said...

cute~ i am so jealous of your time to scrap!!! and your craftiness

Anonymous said...

Tessa, I love the story! And, I'm a bit envious of your printer!