Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Iron Mountain Road

This layout is a scraplift. I posted it because 1. I haven't been posting much lately and 2. I wanted to show off this Cricut cartridge that I am really loving.

The font and the blue flourish on the right are from the new Wall Decor and more cart. I didn't think I needed this cart, I have no intention of doing any wall decor, then I saw the font. I love the R!
Memorial Day weekend we took the kids up to Keystone and did the touristy thing. I didn't know that JT had never been thru the pigtails by Mt. Rushmore, so we did that and stopped several times along the way for the kids to climb on the rocks. The kids loved the pigtail tunnels and seeing Mt. Rushmore thru them. Funny, how I take it for granted having done it a million times and never would have thought they would enjoy it. How sad is it that we live a half an hour from Mt Rushmore, and Canyons knowledge about it came from Phineas and Ferb?!

Back to shuttling kids around. I am going to work on getting some original layouts done this week. Nothing is as satisfying as creating one of my own, it just takes so much longer and works my brain so much more. You know how it is, sometimes life just gets in the way.


Cathy said...

Love this font! Cute pics of the kids. Funny what we take for granted, Mount Roushmore is basically in our backyards and we never take the time to enjoy!

thestormyone said...