Wednesday, June 2, 2010

A little more Disney

Kendra, do you know how much money I would save if I didn't answer the phone whenever you called?!

I am loving these page kits from tammi i

I added letter stickers to all them for my titles, and a Mickey head to each one, but other than that pretty much everything came in the kits.


Cathy said...

Wow! You're right, she probably doesn't have more than three dollars retail in those. Interesting!

Anonymous said...

Good job for getting pics done.
Think I might copy the sketch of a couple of them. I think Cathy still has that paper. If not, I'll just substitute. I figure the quickest way to get pages done is to scraplift the ones you like.
Looks like fun.

thestormyone said...

i must say i love love love how these turned out! and that i am loving the ease of these kits, precut is sweet. time is also precious, and i spend the most of mine at work so i appreciate and enjoy being able to sit down and get something done. i also enjoy learning the new things in these kits. i am glad that i can get you in to trouble, but when ya find a good thing, ya gotta share it with your friends. these kits have been a motivation for me to get things done.

tammy inman said...

Tessa, I really love how cute your page kits turned out and the added touches you put on them. Very nice! :)