Tuesday, August 31, 2010

First day of school

I can't believe how much Marissa has changed in the last year. I desperately miss the sweet little girl that she used to be but I am enjoying watching her blossom into a beautiful teenager.

My little buddy is a kindergartner this year. No tears from Mom this year, he actually had a longer school day last year when he was in preschool. Next year, when he goes all day I will definitely be bringing Kleenex when I take him to school on the first day.

I am taking a Pink Paislee class in a couple weeks at Archiver's in Minneapolis. I bought this specific shirt to match the layout that we will be doing in the class. I actually got to the store, and then remembered that I wanted it to match. Luckily Kendra has the internet on her cell phone and could send me a picture of the layout!!

Typical Canyon style.

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