Thursday, September 2, 2010

Everything Is Satisfactual

This layout is a scraplift of the talented Susan Stringfellow. I love her stuff! I even used the same papers! Splash Mountain is one of our favorite rides at Disney. The middle pic is all 4 of us on the raft on our last trip in November. The bottom picture is Marissa and JT on the drop from her first trip in March of 2003.

I got a raindrop on it when I was taking a picture, darn, I hope it dries.

I just had to use the bluebird on the page also. He's in the song, you know....

Mr. Bluebirds on my shoulder
It's the truth,
It's actual,
Everything is Satisfactual.
Zip-a-dee-doh-hda, Zip-a-dee-a,
Wonderful feeling,
Wonderful day.

This is Brer Fox, Brer Rabbit and Brer Bear from the story and the ride.

Susan had a great idea on taking the font for the word "satisfactual" from the sign at the end of the ride. I loved it and copied her idea.
I also took the autographs of the Characters and shrunk them down and printed them on this log I cut with my Cricut. I was hoping that it would look like they were carved into the log.

More to come....


Susan Stringfellow said...

WOW!!! Now I wish I had done a 2 pager too! LOL! It's just wonderful and your photos are so fun. I wish I was there.

You should join us at
they would love to see this

Anonymous said...

Great. I love how you made the Satisfactual look like a splach!
Yay you.
Cute layouts.

thestormyone said...

LOVE LOVELOVE it! you are so amazing!