Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Canyon's birthday and graduation pics

Canyon graduated from Preschool this morning. It was a cute little ceremony. My mom made Canyon this candy boquet for his graduation. Isn't it adorable? It has a balloon attached to it also. He loves it.

Canyon's birthday party at Storybook Island this weekend.

It was cool having the park to ourselves, as it isn't open yet for the season. People saw us playing and kept trying to come in. I felt so bad turning some of them away, but there were at least 20 families and several large groups that tried to come in. It would have defeated the purpose of me renting and paying for a private party if we let half the town in.

Canyon's "just us" birthday party at Chuck E Cheese. He loves his baby dinosaur. I can't believe that my baby is 5 years old!

The new favorite ride.

This is a pic of the cookies we had Eileen's make up for Canyon's class for his birthday. They did exactly what he asked them to. He loved them. Just imagine biting into one of those nice juicy green segmented caterpillars. yum-oh!

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