Thursday, May 21, 2009

Disney Withdrawl

The kids and I have been going thru some Disney World withdrawls. It has been 2 1/2 years and no trip is planned for the immediate future. This is the longest we have ever gone without our Disney fix. lol. I know, it's pathetic. Since I am not working anymore vacations are pretty out of reach right now.
I made this Disney funds jar out of a box of Nestle flips with hopes we could some how save enough for a trip next year.
I painted the lid with several coats of black stayz on. It is not staying on :)! I used my Cricut Disney font and regular Disney cartridge to cut out the letters and the Mickey. The papers are Reminisce.

I had a change drawer in my room and the kids scrounged around the house to put change in it. Canyon and I took it to the bank yesterday, $71, woo hoo! He looked so cute hauling it into the bank. The bank tellers loved it, I thought about asking for donations. Lol, just kidding. Now we only need to come up with $71 in change about 100 more times and we are home free!

Here is the other side. I'm not sure which side I like the best, so I won't call either the front.

I made this layout for a challenge at the nook. We had to create a shaped layout, with no pink and at least 4 lines of journaling.
I cut out a Mickey head on my cricut, then traced around it and cut it about an inch bigger by hand. I have heard that if you use Design Studio or Sure Cuts A Lot you can trick your cricut into cutting a little closer to 12x12. I don't have either, so I had to kick it old school.
The black and yellow are Bazzil Bling, the red and the journaling sticker are Reminisce. I sewed the ruffle to the layout, idea courtesy of Leah Killian (see Life As Lou link on the right). I handmade the flower using the backside of the Bazzil and just scrunched the heck out of the paper. I like how it turned out. It isn't my usual mad layering style, but I think it will look super cute in my Disney album.
Canyon loved meeting all the characters, except Mickey. He actually snubbed him. It was hilarious. Mickey just threw up his hands, shook his head and walked away. He adored Donald Duck. He couldn't take his eyes off him. It is hard to see in the picture, but he is smiling at the camera and looking way off to the right, where Donald was.
The journaling says
We met Minnie at Chef Mickey's.
Canyon didn't ignore her like he did Mickey.
He even smiled for the picture.
His eyes, however, never left Donald Duck.

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love the disney projects -- too cute