Monday, September 7, 2009

Happy 88th Gramps and a skyfort (finally)

It was Grandpa Joe's 88th birthday last week. Here are a couple pictures from his party.

Sorry about the sun glare. I really didn't want to ask everyone to move because I was getting glare, especially since my uncle with his sooper dooper la de da SLR wasn't getting any.

Here's one without glare, but it doesn't have all the kids in it either.

Happy Birthday Gramps!! We love you!!

Here is a pic of Grandpa's card that Marissa made.
Finally....done. Canyon's sky fort. What a pain. We actually had to rent a bobcat and buy a truck load of dirt to raise up the back part of the backyard.

When I was a kid the swingset we had raised up out of the ground every time you swung on it. The school merry-go-round was also mounted on concrete. How times change!!

Sorry this post is so picture-heavy, but Canyon is sitting right here making sure I put all his pictures in.

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