Thursday, October 15, 2009


Finally, some sunshine. It still isn't a whole lot of sunshine, but I was able to take a halfway decent picture. Whatever happend to fall?

Canyon got some vampire teeth from a candy treat at Walgreens last week. He thinks they are just the coolest thing. I got these pics of him demonstrating how scary he can look. I have one additional picture that I didn't use with a really scary face. I might do another layout with just that pic, not sure yet.

This is some more of the Pink Paislee Twilight line. Great paper, so much fun to use.

I love the tree. I'm not so fond of the gravestones below the tree, so I just cut them off.

I cut the tree out of the white line paper, moved the paper over, then stuck the tree back down to cover up part of the hole I made.

I also used some Tim Holz Rock Candy Stickles on the tree. Cool stuff.

The little trees and bats on the orange paper are from the matching stamp set. I just inked the stamp with a marker, that way I could leave off the headstones and the border that I didn't like. I also used the Rock Candy on these trees.
The green photo mats were cut from the original center of the scalloped paper. With Canyon's blue shirt I thought that too much green would clash, so I cut out the center, replaced it with some of the white line paper and used the green for mats.

The Beware die cut also has Rock Candy Stickles on it.

Thanks for stopping by. I still have a sick kid, maybe I will get something else done today.

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Cathy said...

he's too cute to be scary! Hope he's feeling better soon!!!
Awesome layout! do you like the new stickles??? Looks pretty cool on this layout!!