Sunday, May 16, 2010

nah nah nah nah nah Batman!

Yeah, I know it is actually do do do not nah nah nah, but it looked sillier when I typed it!

Here is my first Cricut Cake. Not spectacular, but Canyon loved it and it was fun!
Kendra helped, thank goodness! I think I would have had a dirt cake if she hadn't stacked them for me!

Goofy kid!


Anonymous said...

He looks so happy with it.
Great job!

thestormyone said...

Next year, you are making the cake and frosting too!!! from scratch!! I am envious of the cricut cake, but not of the frosting sheets!! you did an AWESOME job

Stacy said...

Tessa, love the cake! I showed one of your pictures that you emailed me to one of the customers I was demoing to and she bought the machine! Very cool cake decorating! Nice job!