Saturday, May 8, 2010

Test Track - Speed, I am speed

I was finally in a scrappy mood last night! I have found that if my house isn't clean (at least where I can see from my scrap table) there is no way that I can sit down at my table and scrap. I tried a couple times yesterday, but I would look around and just get aggravated. After I cleaned everything, I was able to sit down and finish up this layout I started at Michelle Chikos' retreat almost a month ago.

I found these papers on one of my Minneapolis shopping trips. They are Reminisce. When I pulled them out at the retreat I heard a collective gasp, then what are you going to do with those papers? I can admit, when I held them up they kinda hurt your eyes. :) But I think they definitely came together well for this type of layout.

I still need to add journaling. I think I will put it on this side above the pic of JT and the kids in front of the Test Track building.

The cute little cones are from the Disney Cars Cricut cartridge. Thanks Angie for letting me borrow it!
In the Test Track photo, I photo shopped two kids out of the pic. They were on the left hand side, playing on that slope right behind Marissa. It doesn't look too bad. You can definitely see the variation in the color of the slope where I took them out, I didn't do a great job on matching the colors, but it was alot to remove from a picture.

This is one of the Test Track pics that we got on our Photopass. I love that they let you include these ride pics. I hope that eventually you can add all the ride pics to your Photopass.
Not surprisingly, Test Track was one of Canyon's absolute favorite rides. We must have gone on it at least a dozen times. A few times without even getting off the ride. Unfortunately, this was the only picture of us when we were in the car by ourselves. We knew where the photo was shot and put our arms up in the air. Evidently, Canyon missed the memo!

Thanks for looking!

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Chelsea said...

Way cool Tessa. I'm always amazed at your work. You always do such fantastic things!