Wednesday, February 25, 2009

So far...

It seems like as soon as I pulled all my stuff out of the room I had no time to organize it and put it back. All of a sudden my calendar was full and all this stuff all over my house is threatening to smother me.

Those cubes take forever to put together. I now have 15 of them and I am wondering if I need to add another set and extend that counter. I am also wondering if I should put those cubes in stacks of 3 and make that counter taller. The problem is, it isn't counter height it is substantially taller. That would be ok for using the cutters but I'm not sure if it will work for anything else. I've never tried to sew standing up, I have enough trouble sitting down. It will also make the counter level with the windowsill and I am not sure that is a good idea either. What do ya think?


Lucy Edson said...

Well, you are making good progress! I was doing the same thing not too long ago.

I think it would be difficult to sew standing up, what with the foot pedal and all. ;)

Good luck on finishing up!

Anonymous said...

Hi tessa, I really enjoyed reading your blog and even went far back to look at some of your beautiful layouts and projects...the house was my fav. And I sure hope your son got his Spike for christmas...hehehe. thanks!!