Sunday, April 19, 2009

Busy Saturday

We went to a birthday party Saturday morning for cousin Ashlyne at Eileen's Cookies. The kids took a tour then got to decorate 2 cookies to take home. Eileen's has the best sugar cookies that I have EVER had ANYWHERE. I was snapping away pictures the whole time. The kids decorating, close ups of plates of colored frosting, close ups of sprinkle cups. I could tell some of the other parents thought I was weird taking pictures of sprinkles.

After the party I went to show my husband all of the brilliant photos I had captured. No memory card in the camera. Sheesh!

Canyon's first soccer game was Saturday afternoon. He looked so cute! Very focused on the game and kicking some butt, which they didn't. Pee Wee soccer is hilarious! One kid stood on the sideline with a grumpy look on his face the whole time and wouldn't play. Every once in a while there would be a stray somersault on the field or someone would just sit down. Canyon loved it, he ran non-stop the whole game and kicked his little heart out. So much fun!

Grandma Jacq and Grandpa Gary came in from Casper to pick up a puppy they bought out of the paper. Isn't she cute? Canyon couldn't leave her alone. I got harassed all weekend about getting a dog. Not happening!