Tuesday, August 25, 2009

What Is That???

"What is that? What is that?" I find myself asking my son this question over and over again in an attempt to keep myself from chewing him out. It is a rhetorical question, I know exactly what "that" is. It is my Cricut spatula in the sand box.

Honestly, the places I find this thing. Canyon rarely touches any of my scrapping supplies, but he just cannot keep his hands off my spatula.
I'm pretty sure at this point I could write a short story entitled "The Adventures of Spatula". It has been a diving board for little army dudes, a sword for alien invaders, a spoon (yes it has been used in cereal), some kind of race car forklift and numerous others that I can't even remember right now.
So, what is the lure of the spatula? It just seems to call to him. I can never find it, he always knows right where it is.
It is bent, and dented (from army guy feet, I'm sure), but the thing still works great.

I thought about buying myself a new one, and letting him have my old one. But, I know if I gave him one he would probably never pick it up again.