Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Glistening Greeting Cards

Oooh it is so cold here today! Low single digits all day!
And it is a little slippery. I am always extra concerned about slippery, I live near the top of a very long steep hill. I took Canyon to preschool around noon. As I was slowly creeping down the hill a man waved me to the side. He told me to go very slow because there was an accident just around the next corner. Sure enough, there it was, a truck had slid off the road, took out a power pole and hit a house. Wow! When I got further down the street light was out. I though uh oh! No power! I didn't head home until about 3:30 this afternoon, we have power, but it had been out. Now I can't get the stupid volume on the speaker system to work. Sheesh! JT is gone, and I am going to be stuck at home with the kids all night and tomorrow with no TV!
I know, I know, the poor guy in the truck, and me whining about TV!

I guess we will have a craft night. I need to work on my December Daily and the kids are always happy to cut and glue for a little while. Well, at least Canyon is.

Back to the Glistening Greeting Cards...Here are some cards I made with the Cricut Winter Woodland cartridge. Lovin' it!

I glitter embossed the heck out of them!
On this one I completely embossed the dear, and there are snowflakes all around on the red that are embossed.
Thanks Cathy and Lori for loaning me some glitter embossing after mine went down the toilet!

This one has lots of glitter embossing too. How cute are those mittens?

I have one more glittery card to post. I didn't get a picture taken of it today so I will post it later on.

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