Friday, January 23, 2009

Heart Photo Ornament

How unbelievably cute is this ornament? I got this idea from Shelley Haganman. I wrote down her name on my print out, but not her web address. As soon as I figure out which blog is hers I will post it here.
The photos are approx 2x2 printed in a strip of 3. I used some of the Basic Grey Bittersweet papers on the backside.
Adhere your paper to the back of your photos. Lay your photos so they face each other and staple at the top. If you want ribbon, lay it in between the photos so the staple catches it. Pull the ends around so the photos face outward bring together and staple at the bottom. You have a heart!
She also made a cute little garland with these ornaments that I am going to try to replicate when I feel like man-handling my printer again. It is giving me grief. I always have to trick it to get it to print borderless. I don't know what the deal is.


Angie said...

Very cute ornament and I love the princess stuff you made on Cathy's blog. You amaze me!

Kawi said...

Amazing! C'est beau!