Tuesday, January 13, 2009

A Little Bit Of Crazy

I am still doing laundry from our trip. Those of you who know me know that I kinda have a problem with irrational worries. :) Well... after we got home I started worrying that maybe those bites all over my legs weren't from Mexican mosquitoes, maybe, just maybe, they were from beg bugs. So, after looking at pictures of bed bug bites on the internet I decided better safe than sorry and chucked all of my suitcases outside. I have been shaking out all of the items in the suitcases and bringing them in to wash them one by one. I also read that you can freeze them, so everything that I couldn't wash I put in ziploc bags in the freezer. I left my suitcases outside all day yesterday and last night with the hopes that any bugs inside them will freeze.

My mother thinks I am crazy and I didn't even tell her that my freezer was full of clothes. I must admit, I feel kinda crazy, but I can't help it thats how I'm built.

This was taken on one of our trips to town. I think the town is called San Miguel. It was so cool how everything ran right along the coast. You could almost always see the beach.

Thats me behind the waterfall. This is where I spent a good part of the week. I read three large books behind this waterfall. I loved it!

Hopefully today I can finish laundry and putting things away to do something scrappy!

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thestormyone said...

so, now i have my choice of frozen bed bugs or frozen fleas..... oh and by the way your mom must find out about this!!!