Thursday, January 15, 2009

One Resolution Down

I bought all this super cute stuff at The Playground yesterday. Oops. I haven't done any scrapping at all since I got home from our trip, so no, I didn't just replace what I used. I honestly didn't even think about my resolution not to accumulate until late last night when I was admiring those cute little princesses.

I didn't even really make it two days. I bought stuff at the sale Saturday before we left. We left Sunday, no scrapbook stores in Cozumel. We got home late Sunday night, and The Playground isn't open Monday.

I guess I need to climb back up on the wagon and try again. :) :)

I saw lots more new stuff that I want. I better start scrappin' !

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Angie said...

That is one resolution I didn't even attempt!!!! Knew from the beginning I would be setting myself up for failure.... I think it is Cathy's fault, if she didn't have so much new cute stuff it would make it really easy!