Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A Very Nice Day

I thought the perfect use for this great Monster paper would be a Cosmo Blackboard book. I have purchased several of them, but have yet to use one. I got the front page of this one done this morning before the thermometer said 68 degrees outside and we had to get to the park.

Canyon had a blast at the park. You would think the kid never played outside before. He met a little friend and they played so cute together. A camera lady from KELO came and started filming the park. Canyon and his little friend were playing in the trees and she was filming them, then when they headed for the creek she asked if she could come along and get some shots.

She was just beginning to ask me some questions about our day at the park when Canyon......fell in the creek. Yep, no shock there I'm sure. It wasn't even a foot deep where he was throwing rocks, so I didn't have to jump in or anything, thank goodness.

He was soaked. Yeah, it was almost 70 degrees today, but that water still had ice on it in some places. brrrrrr! So we left before she could interview Canyon.

Of course I recorded the news at 4:00, 5:00, and 9:00 so I could show Canyon that he was on TV. You would think with all that filming she did half the news show would be Canyon playing in the park. He was on exactly twice. Once from far away and when we put the DVR into slow motion you could see his cute little face in the bottom right hand corner of the TV for a second. I thought he would be disappointed, I was, but he was stoked. He was on TV. How cool is that? Silly kid!

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