Monday, March 9, 2009

Ahhh Monday!

I love Mondays. I wait for Monday all week. It is my day.
JT takes Canyon to preschool on Mondays at about 8:45. I don't have to leave to pick him up until 11:15. That gives me 2 1/2 hours of me time! I love it!
Some days I curl up next to the fireplace and read, some days I just play on the internet. The last couple Mondays I have been working on my scrap room. But the best thing about my Mondays is that I get to take a "real" shower. A shower where I can let the conditioner sit in my hair for 5 minutes, a shower where I can actually shave without cutting myself, or missing half of one leg. I get to take a shower and I don't have to constantly yell out the curtain to find out what Canyon is doing and making sure that he hasn't set the house on fire. I just stay in there until the hot water is completely gone! I think my next major purchase is going to be the biggest Jacuzzi tub I can find. Then I can spend my entire Monday mornings there and not have to run out of hot water.

I didn't finish my scraproom this weekend. It was in the plan, but I had some technical difficulties. I ran out of tape for my label maker, twice and I needed 2 more cropper hoppers. I couldn't just go buy these things. I had to use 40% coupons on them, so it required more than one trip. I know I probably wasted more time and gas then if I had just bought them at regular price, but I just can't bring myself to do that.
Anyway, I am almost done sorting paper. I can't fit it all into the slots in my Target cubes, so I am going to have to figure out some sort of overflow. I had to order 25 more packs of IKEA hooks also. I used 50 packs (500 hooks) already! Can you believe it. So much crap! Hopefully I will be able to post pictures in the next couple days.

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Lucy Edson said...

Yayyy!! You must be thrilled!! Can't wait to see the results of your hard work!

Enjoy your 'me' time - that is hard to find with little ones around!