Tuesday, March 10, 2009

My Project 365 Arrived, Finally!

I finally got my Project 365 that I ordered January1! It was charged to my credit card that day, after a month of phone calls I found out that my kit had been backordered. It was removed from my credit card and I was told that it would ship in mid-feb. Mid-feb came and went, Creating Keepsakes knew nothing. Finally, on March 4th I got an email, my kit was shipping! It had a UPS tracking number and everything. Well, I have been checking that tracking number everyday through the link in the email. (you know, where it takes you directly to UPS and the tracking number is already there). It kept saying no information was available yet. Finally today I called. It is a Fed Ex tracking number, not a UPS tracking number, "oops we made another mistake". Guess what, mine had been delivered on Saturday. It has been sitting at my side door in the snow since then. We never use the side door. It is on second level deck that goes to my daughters bedroom. Anyway, it was packaged very well with styrofoam on the bottom and around the edges so it appears to be just fine. I have it thawing out now. Now the big decision; to ebay or not to ebay.


Denise said...

I enjoyed reading your blog and seeing all your great craft work! Nice! I just got my back ordered kit yesterday (Monday) and was surprised to read that yours had arrived on Saturday! I'm only 60 miles from their warehouse in Denver, and you still got yours 2 days before I got mine. Weird!! But I'm happy to finally have it!

Shannon said...

What is this kit you guys are talking about??? It sounds exciting! Email me skt2109@yahoo.com and let me know so I can join in the fun :)