Wednesday, March 25, 2009

My Scrap Room - Finally

After I don't know how long, here is my room, finally, done. Well, it is mostly done. In my hurried sorting I just threw things in drawers and organized very few of them. Some of them are so full that they won't open, but at least they are sorted.

This is right outside my scraproom. These are the Target Cubes. On top are some recent projects, and some favorite projects. On the top on the side are some cards ready to be mailed (if I can ever part with one). My Cards magazines and Scrapbook Trends magazines are also on top.
I plan on putting a desk out here at some point, until then I will continue to drag everything to the kitchen table.
Most of my patterned paper is organized here in Cropper Hoppers sorted be manufacturer. If I had a few embellishments that matched exactly I put them in a plastic pack and stored them right with the paper. If there were lots of embellies I made them into a kit.

One of the few drawers that I organized has acrylic stamps in it. I think 3 drawers of stamps is alot for someone who "doesn't stamp".

2 drawers of these cheap acrylic paints

The closet on the inside of my room. On the bottom are a large set of drawers. The top drawer holds small finished projects, the second crafty things (like yarn), and the third is drawings by my son and daughter.
Also on the bottom are my Crop in Style XXL ready to go and some misc totes.
The first shelf has kits in those boxes, some that I made and some that I subscribed to. The next shelf up is loads of magazines. My husband was a little worried about this shelf holding.
Next shelf is more kits in the boxes, totes and my brads etc that I take to crops in the little tackle box thingy. The top shelf is albums. (empty)

Some of the kits.

Other closet. It is bigger than it looks. 21" wide by 22" deep. Another set of drawers holds excess ribbon, chipboard, and projects I am working on. 1st shelf is misc chipboard, next flowers, next chipboard albums and alterables. Top lots of alterables.

Probably my least favorite part of the room. My flowers are all shoved in here and can't be seen, or removed easily. See my primas way in the back dumped into 2 big paint cans. YUCK

Colored cardstock. Each color has a shelf for regular cardstock, the shelf above is for bling and shaped cardstock I had to give orange and pink and extra shelf to share, they were overflowing. Who would have thought orange and pink?
My clip it up is here also, that little bugger is stuffed. I bought 4 extra bags of clips, but could only fit 3 on it.

My calendar and my butterflies. Aren't these great? The came in white plastic and I painted them rainbow colors to match how I organized my cardstock.

My countertop. More drawers, more paper. Kits. These rolling racks are great and they slide under the counter perfectly. One whole rack is Disney stuff
Not enough room to scrap here, but just fine for sewing.

2 boxes of Basig Grey and another of kits in the closet. Can you say obsessed?

My stickers, rub ons, and other embellishments. How cool are these racks? They are bigger than they look also, must be the camera angle. They are 38 inches wide. The bottom rack has baskets. One basket has stickles, the other has cats eyes.

The racks on the other side. The bottom one has lots of chipboard, albums and Tim Holtz. I used over 700 hooks on these things, plus another 125 on my clip it up. I guess I'm hook crazy!

This top rack is mostly letter stickers. I couldn't get the whole thing in the picture. It is going to be so nice to have these all together.

My back wall with some framed layouts. There is also a rolling cart here. Scraps are in the files and stacks of paper are on the shelves. My ribbon tote is on top in a basket. My picture case for crops fits here with a ladder.

Close up of my framed layouts, and a reflection of my light fixture, hmmm.


Lucy Edson said...

Wow!! You have been so busy!! Your room looks fabulous, Tessa!! You seem to have the same obsession that I do. ;)

Angie said...

Wow!!!!! I am so impressed, when would you like to come and organize mine like that!!!!! I would love to have everything organized so I coud actually find it!!!! Great job.