Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Back to real life

I had a great time in Chicago, but meeting so many wonderful ladies was the best part.

I can't remember everyone's names (I believe there were over 200 of us), but I made some great friends while I was there. In this picture starting in the middle of the back row in the white is Leslie, Stacy (in cricut green), and Kendra (in white), bottom right is me. I had so much fun with these girls and I am sure that we will stay in contact, and hopefully get together once in a while!

Over 30 of us rented a super-stretch Hummer limo and took it to Windy City Scrapbooking downtown Chicago. What a trip, what a store!

I can't wait to get my Cake machine, hopefully today or tomorrow. Check back for more pics!


Stacy said...


I love the pictures! It really was a blast! Can't wait to get mine going and up on my site.

Email me have some news about the Cake Machine.


Michelle said...

Hi Tessa, how funny was that I already was a follower before I even met you. Thanks again for coming to my room to hang out whie we were in Chicago.